Integrated Logistics Manager

Contact: Melody Vilan
Location: Canberra
ID: 1820
Closing date: 17-09-2020

A government department in Canberra seeks the services of the Integrated Logistics Manager with NV1 security clearance.

The Department Capabilities include secure deployable ICT networks, tactical communications networks and operational communication networks.

Scope of Work
The department requires Project Management and Engineering Services to establish a team to manage the delivery of the projects across their mandated responsibility and schedule previously communicated.

Candidates must understand that they will need to work closely with existing PMOs that are delivering the backbone of the network of JS-L and its associated projects. It is therefore essential that project team be capable of working in a small team environment to leverage the existing team’s knowledge and experience. The team will also be required to establish a strong relationship with projects currently being delivered in the environment and associated agencies to ensure tracking of potential efficiency gains and opportunities through resource use and knowledge sharing. It is essential that the team has a strong ICT project management background. Due to the requirement of the team to operate effectively within the reduced delivery timeframe, it is essential that they have an understanding of the networks and capabilities employed within the department. A brief summary of the scope of the task is provided for each of the 3 roles they wish to employ:

Integrated Logistics Manager – conduct oversight of materiel, procurement and logistics support to the program. The member will require a strong understanding of finances to enable procurement of ICT material and understanding of logistics to move equipment around the country to support delivery of the system. The member will be required to work with embedded logistics personnel within each project to develop a program level logistics reporting schedule, in order to, identify and manage risks within the program schedule.

Statement of Duties:
The following describes the duty statement and requirements for the role:
Core Responsibilities
• Management of inventory, ICT procurement and supply chain management for the program;
• Oversee and conduct basic and advanced procurement across the programs projects
• Ensure the program complies with relevant Commonwealth procurement rules;
• Oversee, plan and conduct audits and provide regular inventory management update briefs;
• Oversee, plan and coordinate movement of equipment to support builds and system delivery, using the embedded resources across the programs projects;
• Supervising staff – as required, manage APS and contracted personnel embedded within or in support of projects;
• Take a lead role in identification of problems and solution development for logistics related issues across the programs projects in ;
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
• Contribute to key program and project meetings and documentation; and
• Support disposal of existing program capabilities.

Selection Criteria:
• Logistics or ILS experience within the project;
• Experience in the use of MILIS;
• Strong oral and written communication skills;
• Formal qualifications or accreditation in Logistics Management;
• More than eight years’ experience in relevant logistics environment:
• Experience in Technical Certification of Land Material Systems;
• Experience with Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Instructions;
• Experience in preparing ILS documentation;
• Experience in Inventory Management;
• Knowledge of the Procurement Policy Manual;
• Knowledge of the Land Material Safety Manual;
• Demonstrated experience in large organisations logistics organisations at a minimum of senior management level;
• Proven capacity to work in an agile team environment;
• The Contractors’ demonstrated experience (in relation to the Scope of Work and Statement of Duties) to undertake the support services successfully;
• The Contractors demonstrated ability to engage with the stakeholders including APS and contractors; and
• The value for money of the tendered solution and pricing structure, including the proposed payment schedule submitted.

Australian Citizens only.

Length of Contract: 12 months with possible extension up to 12 months

The role closes at 2pm 16th September 2020.

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